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The precision of our clean room design and build solutions are directly aligned with our clients’ needs. Whether it’s a full turnkey cleanroom including validated HVAC, temperature control, or the envelope construction of walls, ceilings, windows, doors and lights, we are here to support your project.

Advancements within the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries create challenges for architects, construction engineers, and contractors to design and develop highly specialized production facilities. At Holden, we are able to use our combined knowledge of controlled environment construction to assist with cleanroom design, equipment & material selection, project management, and turnkey delivery.

It's all in the detail.

We carry professional indemnity insurance so that we can stand over our designs and installations. We work with the material suppliers to ensure that the designs meet with the various life science regulations and material installation standards.

We cater for ISO8, ISO7, ISO6 & ISO5 cleanrooms, selecting the right solution for each type of manufacturing process, and the working environment required for the specific cleanroom. Cleanrooms have become an essential component of modern manufacturing and Holden provide a valuable service to our clients in this market sector.

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Whether it is for the production of sensitive biopharmaceuticals, manufacturing of medical device facilities or packaging of life science products, the dirt and microbe-free conditions required in cleanrooms is a very familiar place for Holden.

At Holden we forge lasting relationships with our customers because of our commitment to quality and project execution. Our team has been delivering controlled environments for over 30 years and we are a company that is very proud of our long history and the relationships maintained with our customers. If you are building a cleanroom or controlled space in your facility we can help you.