Our People.

Our Best Asset.

At Holden, people are the heartbeat. In over thirty years of business , and market leader in controlled environment delivery, our people are not merely contributors, but are the driving force of what Holden delivers for our clients.

The commitment to deliver a challenging build, to a level of quality, to support a design development that saves money and time, these don’t come consistently because you ask for them. Them come when a team of empowered and motivated individuals come together to solve complicated challenges, under pressure.

At Holden we are convinced this consistent attitude is only possible when people feel respected and valued, have a sense of purpose and know they are always supported but never crowded. We believe if people love enjoy their job, and feel real purpose, they will be good at it. They will stay in the business, form strong bonds and taking pleasure in the refinement of their craft.

Creating the above is challenging to construct yet simple to lose. This is why our work is perpetual. It is an ongoing process of development, support, and reflection. We nourish it as we recognise it is the essence of our distinctiveness.

Team Members.

Our exceptional team is the driving force behind all our accomplishments. With that in mind we take the calibre, training, development and retention of put people extremely seriously.

We don't just hire talent; we cultivate it. At Holden, we invest in retaining and developing our people, ensuring they possess the knowledge, skills, and attitude required to not only meet but exceed project expectations. Our commitment to continuous growth ensures that our teams are equipped with the tools they need to bring enthusiasm and success to every endeavour.

Benefiting from Ireland's outstanding third level education system and its strategic location in Europe, we have access to a pool of exceptional talents when seeking new team members. Coupled with Holden's appealing working conditions and family-friendly atmosphere, we are privileged to consistently attract the most suitable individuals

Our team possesses specialised expertise in our products, seamlessly integrating it with high-performance design and project management skills. We enhance this by consistently investing in ongoing training for all team members, ensuring they stay abreast of emerging methodologies and cutting-edge technology. This commitment ensures optimal results for our clients.

“Our most valuable resource is undeniably our people”.

Meet Our Team


Dave Russell

Managing Director

John Russell

Projects Director

Paul Nolan

Director of Finance

Rich Chapman

Non Executive Director

Tom O’Dowd

Non-Executive Director


Cyril FitzGerald

Regional Contracts Manager (Europe)

James Campbell

Regional Contracts Manager (UK)

Jarek Czernek

Regional Contracts Manager (East Europe)

Sean Herbert

Commercial Manager

James Healy

Design Manager

Emma Crowley

People and Culture

Ger Courtney

Contract Manager

Rory O’ Donnell

Contract Manager

Wayne Smith

Contract Manager