Holden - Pioneers in Modular Construction

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Our Approach

Our objective is to be professional, trustworthy and easy to work with. We want to take work off your desk as part of our job.

What to expect.

At Holden, we strive to build strong and long lasting relationships with all our clients. This is done through our professional approach to every project brief. It is our business to understand exactly what your company needs in any given project and to exceed these expectations. Our team of experts has a track record of asking the right questions. The cornerstones of every project we undertake are to fully understand every requirement along with the appropriate approach that needs to be implemented and the correct way to deliver your project on time and within your budget.

We believe that communication is the key to gaining a client's trust. At Holden, we make sure that our team gathers the right information from our initial meetings in the boardroom right up to on-site inspections. Our aim is not just to be understood but to ensure no one is misunderstood. We take pride in our unrivaled ability to translate our client's vision into concrete results. We do this through a rigorous design process and produce outstanding results.

Our main objective is to be professional, trustworthy, and easy to work with.


We fully pledge to ethically and responsibly oversee all areas of our operations.

Ethical & Responsible

At Holden, we fully pledge to ethically and responsibly oversee all areas of our operations with reference to our clients, team members, local communities, neighbours and environment

We specifically set clear objectives in line with Holden's core values and strive to accomplish significant social results. We advocate that our organisation meets these objects and ensures that Holden has a positive impact on people and the environment that it impacts. Through this promise, we want to ensure that all our team members feel valued and have a happy working environment. We encourage all our team members to be free to talk to talk candidly with senior management on any issues that might affect their ability to do their jobs to the highest standard.

We are committed to operating in an environmentally friendly manner and reducing our carbon footprint where possible through affiliations with ethical and eco-friendly companies.