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Food Industry

Helping the Irish food industry to grow since 1986.

Food Industry.

In the last thirty years, Ireland has gained a wonderful reputation internationally for producing spectacular culinary exports. It is no coincidence that Ireland is considered to be one of the finest producers of dairy, meat, poultry and seafood -in the world. Ireland has the perfect geographical position and climate to produce these key products, but was lacking in the infrastructure to best process and store them.

Holden recognised this gap in the market, and has built a business upon helping our agri-sector and food industry to develop the best possible methods of processing and storing their products. We take pride in constantly refining and developing our methods to allow us to create the best possible infrastructure for the food industry, through our modular design and construction.

There is no doubt that Ireland is experiencing a revolution in our food industry. At Holden, we are proud to help all our partners continue to grow and cement this nation's position as one of the finest food producers in the world.

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Reputation through experience

Since 1986 we have been designing and building cold storage, food production, distribution and warehousing facilities for a multitude of companies in Ireland’s Food industry. From artisan food producers to multinationals, this history has facilitated knowledge through experience.

Facility owners in the food industry need reassurance that there products are protected in respect of temperature and hygiene as wells as ensuring their people are working in the safest environment guaranteed by fire compartmentalisation. These three factors remain ever present during our design development. The demands presented by these variables influence material specification, constructions details and the development of a site specific quality management plan.

The experience Holden have gained over thirty years working for the food industry means we have a broad and expansive knowledge of their process and building function. This allows us to best co-ordinate and programme the construction phase with the other principle trades and contractors. Holden understand the value of early coordination evolvement to mitigate clashes at design stage as well as reducing risk to programme and budget.

We embrace the challenges often faced when fire rating, hygiene management and temperature control requirements are all equal parts of the same design scope.