BRU01 Phase 1

Data Centre

Project Details

Holden were tasked with the installation of a new greenfield data centre fitout involving Kingspan Tate ceiling grid in COLO 1 and 3 separate IDF rooms. The scope also involved the installation of 14 number full sized floor to ceiling HACS in Colo one with 3 number smaller IDF HACS in adjacent HACS rooms. The Program was incredibly tight as the time allowed from Project awarding and having crews on site only allowed 6 weeks. Efficiencies from our incredible design team allowed the team to mobilise on the ground with Material on site in time to achieve our start and completion dates.

Value:€1.1 million
Client/Main ContractorWinthrop
Sector: Data Centre / Food / PharmaData Centre
Size:1600m2 Tate ceiling/14 numbers HACS/
Duration: Approximately14 weeks
Brief of service provided / Delivery: 


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