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Assisting our clients to meet the highest standards for each project.


With the advent of new technology, the world has become a much smaller place in many respects, and can now be considered a global village. The emergence of the internet at the turn of the century, and the telecommunications revolution has allowed businesses to work further afield. We can now build successful relationships with international clients in ways in which we could not have dreamed of thirty years ago. At Holden, we embrace new methods of communication through technology and continue to expand our presence on the world stage.

With over thirty years delivering designs for composite and built up construction we have developed countless bespoke details. This has created and nourished a culture of problem solving within our design team. As part of our consultancy support we share this expertise, experience and values to reassure our customers that their project will deliver the required performance.

For temperature controlled environments we support or customers in minimising/eliminating energy loss, cold bridging and frost heave. We support the development of details that mitigate the development of condensation, ice and air leakage.

Our design team support our customers in managing the extensive complications presented in fire compartmentalisation. These includes the treatment of apertures and penetrations, connection details, doors and personal access as well as the interface of different systems.

As Holden continues to grow and reach new international clients we strive to maintain the same core principles of communication, trustworthiness and exceeding our clients expectations in every project we undertake.

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Expert Experience

With our extensive experience in composite and built up systems we are in a unique position to offer support internationally to main contractors aiming to improve the management of their local supply chain.

From concept design through the tender stage and from contract award through construction to completion, Holden plays a pivotal role in all of these stages to ensure the main contractor maximises the economies of construction through value engineering, product specification.

In addition, we support the delivery team and sub-contractors throughout the process. Our goal is to assist our clients to meet the highest standards of design, installation, quality and health and safety possible.