TR System

The TR system was especially developed for the disinfection of air streams in central air conditioning and ventilation units and for process water. Germs, viruses, yeast and mould spores are often found here. They will by inevitably get distributed throughout production and work rooms and can multiply there. With the TR UV-C systems, Holden offers an effective disinfection system which can be placed directly in the ventilation channel or water tank.


The system consists of high quality stainless steel, the high-grade surface meets highest demands in hygiene. The front end electronics are wired completely by us as an option and delivered in the switch cabinet or delivered loosely. Monitoring of the emitters is available upon request. In  the event of a defact, it will be displayed on an indicator LED or remote signal. The emitter exchange is very easily accomplished and can be done while in operation.

Flange Mounting Methods

Upon request we can deliver 3 different fastening flanges of your choice:

  • Type TR = Standard Flange
  • Type TRKL = for fastening in AC/Ventilation Channel
  • Type TRT = for fastening in tanks


Technical Data