Air Sterilization Device

The air sterilisation device PF512ST1 provides for an effective sterilisation of room air when air movement is caused by evaporator fans. Room air flows through the sterilisation device and the distributed UV-C dose with a wavelength of 253.7mm ensures elimination of microorganisms. At the same time their multiplication is prevented and the effectivness rate is 99.9%.


A movable shutter protects people and food products from direct radiation. Mounting on the wall or ceiling is very simple. High quality stainless steel and a high-grade surface satisfy the high demands in hygiene. The electronics and the feed lines are integrated in the housing and are water-protected.


  • Simple and effective especially in refrigeration, storage and maturing room when they must remain disinfected.
  • Exchange of the UV-C emitter is easily dome via a screw-in socket.
  • 16,000 hours of operational life span of the UV-C lamps are tantamount to constantly high disinfection efficiency.

Technical Data


  • Coldroom and Stores.
  • Mould Preventation in Maturation Facilities.
  • Elimination of Odor in decay areas, bones and waste rooms.

In the event that an odor neutraliser is required, this model can be equipped with the required emitters. Upon request we can also deliver the UV-C emitters with a splinter sheild.

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