Air Sterilization Module

The KLM UV-C module is developed for the sterilization of central air conditioning and ventilation units and substantially contributes to meeting the hygiene requirements as per VDI-Guidline 6022. Ofter germs, viruses, yeast and mould spores form there, these can  also multiply and will distribute the goods. This results in inferior products quality and a health hazard for personnel.


The KLM UV-C module s integrated directly into the ventilation channel or ventilation station and coordinated with the required volume of air, this way it can develop its full cleaning effect. The individual installation of the UV-Module into existing systems is very easy. High quality stainless steel and a high-grade surface satisfy the highest demands.


The moisture protected UV lamps are placed into the housing so no relevant loss of pressure appears. With a constant optional monitoring, defects are displayed by indicator lamps or a signalling contact.  UV-C emitter exchange is easy and can be done without additional maintenance costs. Upon request we also deliver the UV-C emitter with a splinter shield.

Technical Data


  • Efficient

The KLM UV-C modules are highly efficient in fighting germs.

  • Integrable into existing systems

Perfectly integable into an existing AC-System.

  • Quality for a long time

Very long life span of the UV-C emitters.