Air Sterilisation Module

The KL system serves for disinfection of air streams from air conditioning to ventilation units. Undesired microorganisms like germs, viruses, yeast and mould spores which are present there, also entering from the outside air are naturally distributed evenly in processing and work rooms and can lead to contamination of the goods processed there.


The KL disinfection module will be delivered as a ready to install unit with the appropriate UV-C emitters. Housing and the insides are manufactured completely from stainless steel. Adjustable mounting brackets come with moisture protected UV-C emitters for mounting. these will be placed inside the ventilation housing or channel with screws without causing any substantial loss of pressure.


the entire function and control electronics will be installed in a switch cabinet. It will be laced outside the module. This way access is independent of operating conditions for servicing and maintenance work. Optionally, the UV-C emitters are constantly monitored. Defects will be shown by indicator lamps and a signal will be sent via a signaling contract.


Technical Data