UV-C Conveyor Belt Sterilisation

the FB system was especially designed and developed for the disinfection of conveyor and carving belts. Already half an hour of cleaning, the number of germs can increase by millions on conveyor and carving belts and contaminate subsequent products there. The FB system kills undesirable microorganisms reliably up to 99.9% by UV-C radiation and prevents their multiplication.


The UV-C emitters integrated into the housing and waterproof. In addition the front end electronics is placed in a switch cabinet and water protected. The performance and dimensions of the device are adapted to the speed and width of the conveyor belt. The FB system is equipped with a splinter shield. The waterproof  construction ensures that no disassembly is necessary during wet cleansing.


Safe for humans

By total shielding of the UV-C light, the device can be deployed safely at the work place of personnel.

Simple Wet Cleansing

For cleansing, the device can be folded down, the UV-emitters shut automatically off, simple lather and rinse off.


Technical Data