Ambient Air Sterilization Device

the ambient air sterilisation device E2000 series was especially developed for dergermination of rooms where people are present. It provides efficient disinfection of room air in many fields of application and is absolutely safe for personnel thanks to its complete shielding. These devices are deployed for rooms with difficult conditions and a high degree of contamination.


High Quality acid and base resistant stainless steel and a high-grade surface will satisfy highest demands in hygiene. The especially quiet running ventilators have an air capacity up to 900m³/h and do not cause any air noise and no irratating draft for the personnel. The front-end electronics are integrated in the housing and water-protected. 16000 hours of operational life span of the high quality UV-C emitters are tantamount to constantly high disinfection efficiency.


Exchanging the UV-C emitter is simple with out additional effort or expense via a screw socket. this is what makes the devices so economical. Upon request, all UV-C emitters can be equipped with splinter shields. The device will be delivered ready for plug-in and can be easily mounted from the ceiling.


Technical Data