Ambient Air Sterilisation

Effective disinfection of ambient air when there is no air circulation. Laboratories, social rooms, storage rooms and refrigeration cells can be kept sterile and also oderless. The air moves through the device with the help of an integrated ventilator with coordinated throughput volume. the distributed UV-C dosewith a wavelength of 253.7mm provides for reliable elimination of microorganisms likes germs, viruses, yeast and mould spores.


 At the same time their multiplication is prevented as the effectiveness rate is 99.9%. The unit is completely shielded and designed specifically for small rooms with low ceilings. Personnel and food products are securely protected from UV-C light. Mounting of the unit against the ceiling or wall is very easy by means of a mounting bracket.


  • SmallProduction Rooms with presence of personnel
  • Small low ceiling refrigeration cells
  • Social and community rooms


High-quality stainless steel and a high-grade surface satisfy the highest demands in hygiene. The electronics and the ventilator and feed line are water-protected. Like other devices, this air cleaning device is low maintenance and silent. 16,000 hours of operational life span of the UV-C emitter are tantamount to constantly high disinfection efficiency.

Technical Data