UV-Flow Disinfection

The flow through disinfection device serves the elimination of undesired microorganisms on surfaces.  the surface gets disinfected dry, without chemicals or the effect of heat. The products or packaging are placed on the conveyor belt and driven through the UV-C disinfection unit. the desired capacity can be provided as per requirement.


High Quality stainless, acid and base resistant steel and a high grade surface satisfy the highest demands in hygiene. The quiet running conveyor belt makes hardly any noise. The front-end electronics and motor control are waterproof and integrated in a switch cabinet in stainless steel.


12,000 hours UV-C emitter life span are tantamount to constantly high disinfection efficiency. Exchange of the emitters is easily done by means of a screw socket without additional effort or cost. The UV emitters are delivered with splinter shields.


Technical Data

DE-1500 System

DE-900 System