Air and Surface Sterilisation

These devices were specifically developed for the disinfection of ambient air and surfaces.  Device surfaces and work surfaces by the UV-C light get exempted from undesired germs, viruses, yeast, and mould spores. Ambient air in production and processing areas can be completely sterilised outside of work hours and without the presence of personnel.


High-quality stainless steel and high-grade surface satisfy the highest demands in hygiene. The front-end electronics, which are specifically adapted to the model are integrated in the housing and water protected. Upon request we deliver the UV-C emitter also with a splinter shield.


  • Simple to mount on the ceiling or a wall, directly above the surface to be disinfected. The exchange of the UV-emitter is simple with a screw socket.
  • 16,000 hours of operational life span of the UV-C emitters are tantamount to constantly high disinfection efficiency.

Technical Data