McColgans Quality Foods | Hygiene Systems

Project Details

Client:      McColgan Quality Foods

Location: Strabane




Project Description

Holden were contracted to supply and install walls, ceiling and doors to form a variety of rooms including freezer, chill storage, high and low risk production, changing areas, toilets, canteen, circulation areas and electrical plant rooms. These included required the installation of fire walls.

Complications: The most challenging aspect of the project continues to work around a live plant. This was less of an issue on phase 3 but as for phase 4 moves further back into the existing production facility has become relevant. to accommodate the movement of facility traffic between the on-going production and storage/distribution areas of phase 3 the construction of phase 4 included temporary corridors formed in food safe panel.

As phase 2 developed, the tunnels were moved and adapted to accommodate the needs of both construction and the on-going production.

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