Holden’s Barriers & Bump Rails Systems

The latest product we have to offer you are our new safety barriers & bump rails systems. These are constructed with solid block high density polyethylene (HDPE) and are designed to absorb impact from moving vehicles and help eliminate damage to equipment and personnel. This highly resistant material performs better that stainless steel barriers & bump rails and are 100% food safe.

Our new barriers & bump rails systems are ideally suited to the food industry and have proven to be easy to install, have zero maintenance and can be easily removed and replaced if necessary. Holden’s  shock absorbing barriers & bump rails  are available as:

  • Single Bump Rails
  • Safety Personnel Barriers
  • Double Bum Rails


Single Bump Rails

The single bump rails are made from a high density polyethylene that offers a high resistance to impacts due to its flexibility. These bump rails are easy to install and replace if damaged. There are no corners or edges, does not rust and is resistant to corrosive environments. This product is ideal for the food industry and is the best solution to protect your walls and equipment within your facility.

Safety Barriers

The safety barriers are designed specifically for the protection and safety of personnel and allows accidents to be avoided. They require zero maintenance, can be leveled and is highly visible due to its bright coloration and comes in various lengths and measures. All of these qualities makes this the perfect choice for hazardous areas.

Double Bump Rails

The double bump rails provides maximum protection due to its ability to withstand an impact of more than 9 tons. They help to protect your walls and doors from damage and has all the qualities associated with the single and personnel guardrails. The double bump rails is easy to assemble and is designed with one heavy duty fixing per foot. This makes the product ideal for the food industry where areas of traffic movement can be very hectic in critical areas.