Holden Installations specialize in detailing, supplying and fitting composite panel walls and ceilings as fire partitions or as plenum spaces with the desired architectural finish.

Data Center Solutions from Holden.

Our approach

Data Centers are extremely high performance buildings that demand low risk design, construction and operation.

Disruption from any cause that threatens hardware or irreplaceable information can cause significant commercial damage.One threat that has to be at the top of any list is fire and smoke. To mitigate this risk, building components must be sourced with fire performance to the forefront and designed with fire compartmentalization as a priority.

Holden will deliver the low risk construction that is vital in the world of data centers. In addition to market leading fire performance a composite panel solution has no need for wet trades. It is a fast clean construction with a range of integrated and certified doors, windows, lights and penetrations.

Key Attributes of our Data Center Solutions:

Walls can rise to a height of 12m and ceilings can span to a length of 6m while achieving a certified 1 hour fire rating. This facilitates a wide range and scope of design for any data center.

Flexible (Penetration/Services)
Our composite panel solution can accommodate the penetrations and ancillary services e.g. HVAC ductwork, cable trays and electrical conduits without compromising the fire performance of the panels. Furthermore, the properties of the panel result in a much cleaner construction than other alternatives e.g. masonry or stud and plaster construction.

Our installers are trained to erect composite panel walls and ceilings using the latest technology. The speed of our installation allows other trades to follow on minimizing disruption on site and facilitating a faster handover to the customer. With clear unhindered access it is possible to install up to 1000m2 per week.

The properties of the panel facilitate temperature containment which should allow for cheaper energy costs for the customer. The panel can be specified to achieve high levels of insulation.Walls and ceilings
In addition, composite panel ceilings are walk-on ceilings which allow access to other trades with a load capacity of 90kg. All the panel systems used are FM (Factory Mutual) and LPCB approved.

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