PureSeal Integrated Window Systems

Holden’s integrated window systems are double glazed with laminated glass and have the same thickness as that of our wall panel systems thus, minimizing the risk of contamination.

The glass sandwich is easy to clean and is constructed using safety glass and an aluminium frame.

These flush integrated window systems are best suited to be installed in temperature controlled environments such as clean rooms, food manufacturing plants, biotechnological, electronics and screen printing.

Technical Specification

Standard profile 80mm

The powder coated profile is manufactured from extruded aluminium. This profile has an additional 12mm lip which, when assembled, forms the external frame and simplifies the installation in the partitioning.

All profiles are coated and then cut to length using a computerized saw for a perfect mitred corner joint. Hygroscopic crystals are placed in the cavity of the bottom profile, before the profiles are wedged and glued together on a calibrated surface, forming a frame with perfect angles and thus preventing internal condensation.

Profile with adapted thickness

The frame comprises 2 outer aluminium profiles and a middle section with an adaptable width, this being dependent on the wall thickness in which the window assembly is to be installed. All profiles are coated and assembled as the standard profile.

Special designed frame

For special projects we design and develop custom made frames which match the customers’ specific needs or customized specifications.

The glazing

The glazing is installed on both sides of the frame. Standard Holden Integrated Window Systems are provided with laminated safety glass. Other types of glazing are available as an option, along with special executions such as special light sensitive films, louvers, etc.

Final assembly

In order to keep the inside of the finished window assembly as dust free as possible, all operations are executed in a controlled environment, including the addition of the hygroscopic crystals in the frame.

Horizontal section

PureSeal Integrated Window Systems

Vertical section

PureSeal Integrated Window Systems

Legend (All dimensions are in millimetres)

PureSeal Integrated Window Systems