Duct Silencer Solutions

Silencers are a necessary in air handling systems

The advent of high performance HVAC equipment has resulted in unacceptable high noise levels both in low and high frequencies. This creates a need for more stringent noise control specifications in air conditioning systems. Performance rated silencers provide the most effective and economical solution.

More reliable noise data has become available to manufacturers of air handling components. Therefore, the use of silencers which are accurately rated under operating conditions contributes to the achievements of the desired noise criteria.

Predictable performance is assured

Our silencers are rated under operating conditions in the most advanced aero-acoustic R&D laboratory available. regardless of their size or configuration our silencers are developed, tested and rated in accordance with the most current industry standards.  There is no guess work with hit or miss empirically developed calculations or otherwise inaccurately rated silencers.

Duct Lining & Silencers 

In most cases, the use of duct lining alone cannot sufficiently attenuate the noise from air handling equipment. The high volume production of quality-controlled standardized components brings our duct silencers within budget of any project. Proper structural design assures a long and trouble free life.

Why laboratory tested silencers are best

Rectangular and Cylindrical duct silencers from Holden provide effective and predictable noise reduction at substantial savings over other methods due to our products being laboratory developed and tested under controlled conditions.

To assure this, silencers are periodically tested in-house. This practice of quality control performance testing ensures that all silencers exhibit catalogued Dynamic Insertion Loss (DIL), Self Noise (SN), and pressure drop performance data.

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