Acoustic Windows


Holden Installations Limited is a nationwide supplier of high performance  steel acoustic windows offering a wide range of standard models , plus the ability to custom design windows to suit customers requirements.

Thousands of our acoustic windows have been installed in industrial and commercial buildings worldwide.  typical applications include hospitals, hotels, schools, offices, studios, laboratories and power stations – in fact, any situation where sound must be contained within or excluded whilst still maintaining visibility.

Engineered Advantages

Holden can provide custom design in-house to suit the required opening of any given project. Utilizing precision laser cutting and state-of-the-art fabrication, all our acoustic windows are easy to assemble on site by our highly experienced installation crew.

All of our noise-lock® acoustic windows are laboratory tested for performance both in-house and by independent laboratories, further supported by installed site testing and engineering calculations for custom specifications.

Performance and Flexibility

Holden offers a comprehensive range of products designed for architectural, industrial and security applications.


  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Studios
  • Laboratories
  • Power Stations


Noise-Lock® Windows Features

  • Performance Ratings from Rw47 / STC -46 to Rw-68.
  • Design flexibility with all windows available in standard and bespoke sizes and design.
  • Supported with laboratory test data.
  • High-performance windows for both architectural and industrial applications.
  • IL, BS & EN fire ratings available.
  • Bullet resistance glass options available.

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