Acoustic Doors – Noise-Lock®


Holden Installations Limited offers a wide range of standard models of acoustic doors, plus the ability to custom design and supply doors to suit all types of applications.

Over one million Noise-Lock® acoustic doors have been installed in industrial and commercial buildings throughout the world. typical applications include hospitals, hotels, schools, offices, broadcasting studios, museums, laboratories, plant rooms and power stations.

Noise-Lock Range  

  • Single Leaf
  • Double Leaf
  • Fire Rated
  • Link
  • Glazed
  • Hatches

Engineered and factory assembled advantages

The Noise -Lock Acoustic doors are assembled complete with a leaf, split frame, seals, hinges and hardware. all doors are pre-hung for operational alignment, fit & finish prior to being dispatched.

All doors are laboratory-tested for performance in both in-house and independent laboratories, further supported by installed site testing.

Performance and Flexibility

Holden offers a comprehensive range of products designed for architectural, industrial and security applications.

Noise-Lock Acoustic Door Features: 

  • Performance ratings from STC-51/Rw 50 to more than STC-64/Rw63.
  • Design flexibility with all doors available in standard and bespoke sizes and design.
  • Various sized options of vision panels, supported with laboratory test data.
  • Wood facing or wood effect digital print finish options.
  • High performance door for architectural and  industrial applications.
  • BS & EN fire ratings.
  • Blast resistance ratings up to 3 psi.
  • Radio frequency shielding up to 100dB

High Performance Features

  • Self aligning magnetic seals assures long life.
  • Cam-lift hinges lower an seal the doors to the floor eliminating the high maintenance of automatic drop seals.
  • Split frames eliminate in-field grouting to achieve specified acoustic performance and provides quick installation.

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