Acoustic Booths

Audiology Facilities


Holden together with IAC Acoustics is now offering the Irish market a wide range of acoustic booths for audiology facilities. IAC is the worlds leading supplier of audio-metric testing and medical research facilities.

Whether you require a standard screening booth , customised audiology room/suite or a vehicle-mounted mobile unit, you can be confident that our test facilities will comply fully with all relevant acoustic criteria, technical standards and international design specifications.

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Types of Booths

Holden is able to offer the following types of audiology facility:

  • Single occupancy booths
  • Standard booths (of varying different sizes and layouts)
  • Bespoke rooms and booths
  • Mobile facilities
  • Refurbishment of existing rooms
  • Room treatments/conversions for existing rooms being modified for audiology testing

In addition to this various options, Holden can provide a complete turnkey service.