Acoustic Barriers



Free standing barrier systems (Type FS and SFS) are sound absorptive on one or both sides, offer excellent  sound transmission lost  (STL) characteristics and are rapidly assembled from prefabricated components Panels are simply stacked between steel posts to achieve the desired height.


Installation & Maintenance

We offer a full design, delivery and installation service, which can also include all necessary structural steel-work. Barriers are erected by Holden’s own trained installation crew.

All acoustic barriers have guaranteed, rust-proof finishes. Periodic cleaning can be undertaken using water /mild detergent. Most stubborn stains and graffiti can be removed using harsher


Holden’s Noise-Shield™ barriers are available in a wide range of standard finished & colours such as:

  • Galvanised Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Polyester Powder Coating (PPC)
  • Vinyl Coated Steel

Special, optional finishes are also available (i.e.) barriers can be faced with brick, stone, wood, slate and other materials.


Features & Benefits

  • Proven, certified sound transmission loss (noise reduction).
  • Sound absorption to minimise reflected sound.
  • Tough, abuse-resistant steel/aluminium construction.
  • Weather-resistant, rust proof, durable finishes which blend sympathetically with the surrounding landscape.
  • Very low maintenance and easy to clean.
  • Assembled from prefabricated components for fast on-site installation.
  • Structural steel-work includes on request.


  • Data Centres
  • Transport
  • Mechanical Plants
  • Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Power Stations